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Consulting Services

Are you a FitPro? With over 15 years of experience as a coach, gym manager, and fitness expert, I can provide valuable insights and strategies for growing your boutique studio or independent strength coaching business. 

Maybe you're a client looking for guidance to help you reach your health and wellness goals. A fitness consultant can be a valuable second opinion to help you navigate the often confusing health and wellness landscape so you can make more informed decisions about your fitness and nutrition.

Benefits of a Fitness Industry Consultant



Having worked as a manager of 3 different busy New York City gyms I have seen what works and what doesn't when it comes to growth and membership retention. My first management role was at Epic Hybrid Training, a 2-location boutique studio in midtown Manhattan. This venture went viral during the Spartan Race boom and evetually franchised. I was part of writing the coaching manual for future franchises.



Wheather you are a coach or client, the health and fitness industry is riddled with charletans and hidden intentions. Tribe Strength Lab is built on a foundation of honesty and transparency.We treat every athlete like a human being first. I apply the same level of integrity to all of our consulting clients. You can feel safe that your private information will never be shared, and that I will work with you to find the right solution for your training or business problems.



I have grown a profitable & sustainable remote coaching business without dropping thousands on marketing teams. Through years of trial and error testing programming and client management software I've created a streamlined arsenal of tools to help you succeed as a fitness solopreneur.


A "People First" Approach

My "people first" approach has been proven to build community and increase client satisfaction ultimately leading to improved rentention and referrals. 

Denver Fitness Retreat with Ketanga
Guatemala Fitness Retreat with Be Well- Do Good
Team Holiday Party at Brooklyn Training Hall
OCR Youth Program at Epic Hybrid Training
Epic Hybrid Training Field Day
Spot Barbell Team Outing
I have been learning to be a better coach from Julia since 2015, and I have followed her lead to work at several gyms over the years, because she is a  thoughtful educator, and is constantly investing in her own self improvement and knowledge so she can help more people. Her energy and dedication to being the best possible coach, and helping others do the same, is unmatched. If you are struggling with a new concept, a new business idea, a nutrition hurdle, a specific client, she will troubleshoot with you until you have a clear path to a solution. She will ask you the thoughtful questions that get you to come up with more creative solutions, and she will motivate you to invest in your self improvement the way she does. Julia does not operate with small solutions, she is able to hold and assess the entire picture of a problem to help come up with more creative, and sustainable solutions, and this makes her your best ally.
Ippolita Di Paola, Be Well-Do Good
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