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Tribe Strength Lab

Health & Performance


About Us

At Tribe Strength Lab we help you GROW STRONGER through high-quality, evidence-based training, nutrition & lifestyle interventions.  We believe that a resilient mind and body are essential for success in fitness and life. We know you have cool sh*t to do, and we want your training to enhance everything you do out of the gym. Our team of experienced coaches is here to help you reach your goals with strength programs that include mobility & and recovery, athletic development, mindset coaching, and nutrition guidance. We're here to help you feel and perform your best through all of life's stages.

Meet the Coaches

Julia Falamas, Founder
  • Professional Diploma in Health & Performance in Sport, Barca Innovation Hub

  • Certificate in Sport Psychology for Athlete Development, Barca Innovation Hub

  • USA Weightlifting 

  • USA Powerlifting

  • USA Track & Field

  • RKC Kettlebell

  • FRC Mobility Specialist

  • 200-HR Yoga Certified

  • Precision Nutrition Level 1


Julia is a lifelong athlete with almost 20 years of coaching experience. A childhood gymnast and dancer turner OCR racer turned bodybuilder, turned nationally competitive weightlifter, she's trained for it all and bounced back from countless injuries, setbacks, and disappointments. She's worked with athletes of all ages (from youth to masters) to help them reach peak performance through Olympic weightlifting and sport-specific strength & conditioning.  She takes a holistic approach to athlete development and prioritizes education and mental skills development so that every athlete moves easier, gets stronger, feels better and becomes more confident.

Favorite Quote: "The first and best victory is to conquer self."- Plato.


Furry Friend: Nadia, an 8 year-old pit mix

Ippolita DiPaola, Coach
  • Moment Education, Physical Therapy Mentorship

  • Empowered Performance, Movement & Performance Mentorship

  • StrongFirst Kettlebell

  • StrongFirst Bodyweight

  • StrongFirst Barbell

  • FRC Mobility Specialist

  • Revolution in Motion Movement & Performance


Ippolita di Paola is a born and raised NYC native, who fell in love with nature when working abroad in Guatemala, and finally found home in Vermont. Her first career was in international activism and community development in Latin America, but after years of neglecting herself, Ippolita turned her personal weight loss and strength building journey into a career helping others do the same. Ippolita loves strength training with barbells and kettlebells, competing in pullups, and trail running, and more recently learned how to ski and mountain bike. Combining her two careers and passions, Ippolita formed Be Well-Do Good Retreats in 2018 to support local causes while experiencing beautiful places during wellness retreats.


Favorite Quote: "You can do anything you set your mind to"- Benjamin Franklin

Furry Friend: Rio, a 3 year old lab-mix


What Our Athletes Say

Private training session with a female personal trainer.


What I love about working with Julia is that she's all about longevity and playing a strong mental game both in lifting and in life. She is attentive to details in regards to improving technique. And she tailors her approach to the specific person!



 Julia is the epitome of an outstanding weightlifting coach, seamlessly blending kindness and care with intelligent programming tailored to individual needs. Julia's unique ability to actively listen, provide constructive feedback, and instill unwavering belief in her athletes sets her apart. Her coaching transcends the gym, creating an inclusive and motivating space that fosters not only physical strength but also mental resilience.

An Olympic weightlifting coach providing guidance during a lift.

Lianne & Scott

My husband Scott and I have been doing Crossfit for 2-3 years. We love it, but we've been frustrated with our lack of progress on the olympic lifts over the years. Working with Coach Julia was one of the best decisions we've ever made. If all her physical knowledge isn't enough, know that she will also help you with your mental game, which is almost of equal importance. She is a pedagogue and technician of the highest degree, and a supportive, attentive coach.

We're both lifting heavier, better, and more efficiently thanks to her.

Powerlifting competition with a strong athlete.


“I’ve been working with Ippolita since 2017, initially to strengthen my feet and recover from plantar fasciitis. In addition to her rehab/Revolution in Motion work, Ippolita is a terrific all-around fitness trainer, and during the Covid-19 pandemic, I’ve been incredibly impressed with her ability to design demanding and innovative strength programs outside of the gym, with limited equipment, both in-person and over Zoom. I have recommended her to all of my friends.


Strength and conditioning coach leading a training session


When I started with  Julia, she had me start working with barbells (which I'd never really worked with before) and wasn't too sure what to think. But kept coming back.... Three years later, I've competed in 4 city wide weightlifting competitions, and will be attending my first national meet in Spring of 2024. 

Coach Julia has and continues to walk by my side through every peak, trough, chaotic and boring part of my education and growth as an athlete and as a human. I've never once questioned where she has stood. I know undoubtedly that this woman is by my side, and all of her athlete's 100% of the time. No. Question.  


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