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Remote Programs


Guides & Ebooks

All programs come with access to our Quick Start Fitness Guides and Ebooks on Nutrition, Recovery & Mental Training.



All programs come complete with mobility warm-ups, technical skills via either Olympic lifts or kettlebell movements, barbell strength and auxiliary exercises for preventative health. You'll also get access to a training journal where you can keep video and text notes.


Video Resources

A full library of video resources that cover everything from technical progressions for the Olympic lifts and kettlebell skills, to mobility/prehab resources for your shoulders, hips, back and everything in between.



Connect your wearables in order to share HR data and step count with your coach. Track data like training duration, rep count and tonnage.

Choose Your Pricing Plan

  • Building Better Athletes program

    Every month
    Functional Powerbuilding for Peak Performance. SOLO OPTION.
    • 3 day training plan w/ optional mobility & conditioning days
    • Training journal with performance tracking
    • Mobility resources
    • Nutrition Fundamentals EBook
    • Pillars of Recovery EBook
    • No Pressure, No Diamonds EBook
    • Program only. No coaching feedback included.
  • Building Better Athletes Coaching

    Every month
    Building Better Athletes Program + Weekly Coaching
    • 3 day strength program +optional mobility/ conditioning days
    • Weekly video review & coach messaging
    • Training journal & Performance tracking
    • Mobility Resources
    • Access to Strong Mind, Strong Body mental training group
    • Nutrition Fundamentals Ebook
    • Pillars of Recovery Ebook
    • No Pressure, No Diamonds Ebook
  • Peak Performance Coaching

    Every month
    A custom training program & weekly video review from your individual coach
    • Initial assessment & coach assignment.
    • Weekly video review & messaging
    • Monthly :20 min video check-ins with your coach
    • Access to the Strong Mind, Strong Body Group
    • Nutrition goal setting & strategy.
    • Mobility Library
    • Entire Ebook Library
  • The Mastery Pursuit

    A 12 week Weightlifting Foundations Intensive
    Valid for 3 months
    • 3 day programming: includes mobility, technique & strength
    • Weekly video lift reviews by our Head Coach
    • Access to full library if training resources and Ebooks
    • Lifetime Access to our Weightlifting Foundations Course
  • Strength 101: Barbell Basics

    Every month
    Semi-Private Training of 2-3 people
    • Strength 101: Barbell Basics
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